11th RIC Eco Art Capsule 2013

“RIC Eco Art Capsule 2013” will be held in October!

■19 Oct Opening Event

◆Opening Concert “Wonder that ringing sound”

14:00~15:00 @Koiso Memorial Museum of Art 1st floor lobby

perfomed by “Katerina period instrument Institute Kimihiro Matsumoto”


◆Workshop “Wonder that ringing sound”  Make a bird whistle!

10:00~12:30 @Koiso Memorial Museum of Art entrance & parking

※Application upon request!

10/8 to (and the lottery in the case of large number of applicants.)
To return postcard, workshop name, Name, phonetic of all participants, School name, Age or grade- ,Address, Telephone number (emergency contact) Fill out, please send us the following.

〒658-0032 神戸市東灘区向洋町中5-7

神戸市立小磯記念美術館 美術館大作戦 係


■11th RIC Eco Art Capsule 2013

20 October 11:30~16:30

@Sun Plaza,3rd floor in Kobe Fashion Plaza

Entrance Free! There are some material cost is required.


■2nd Art Battle for High School Students We will decide the best work by voting. Please join us!

voting days 12-19 Oct 9:00~18:00    20 Oct 9:00~15:00 @Island Center Station walkway


■Art Point Rally Get the points and go to the museums in RIC with Art point ticket on 20 Oct!


With your family, with your friends, please come over!